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Snoring may seem funny to most people, is apparently not a laughing matter regardless if you’re the snorer or you sleep with a snorer. We all know how disturbing it is to those who are trying to get some shut-eye, especially after a tiring day, because of its annoying rumbling sound.

For starters, let’s discuss what causes snoring. Snoring occurs when there is a blockage or restriction to the upper airway that obstructs the proper flow of air through the back of your mouth or nose. The rumbling sound is created by the vibration of the tissues at the back of the throat.

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One of the most common causes of snoring is being overweight because they have an extra bulk of fat that may restrict their airways. Muscle relaxants like sleep inducing drugs and alcohol can also be blamed because they make the tongue and throat muscles relax and vibrate. It has also been found that smokers are more likely to snore than non-smokers.

So to alleviate a person’s snoring naturally needs a major lifestyle make-over, because if you don’t fix it now, it could lead to Sleep Apnea – a worse case of snoring.

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Is there a cure for snoring?

Don’t we all wish that taking care of snoring was as easy as popping a pill in your mouth? Unfortunately, there is no cure for snoring, but on the other hand, there are numerous treatment strategies to manage it. Because of different reasons for snoring, no solution will fit for all, so here are a few of the treatments that you could do:


Some of us tremble at the sight of this word. Nobody wants their bodies opened and worked on by metallic tools right? (Well, unless you’re undergoing plastic surgery, but that’s a different story.) But surgery for snoring doesn’t involve much of the gore-y stuff, although some procedures involve causing tissue scarring and shrinkage to make it firm and less prone to vibration like laser treatment –which doesn’t require removing or cutting tissue ­–, radio frequency treatment, and injections of hardening agents into the palate.

However, choosing surgery may cost you a lot yet still without a long-term solution because you may need to go back for more. Not to mention the pain you have to recover from after the local anesthetic wears off.


This procedure is considered the most effective treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine or simply CPAP machine. How does it work? It forces air into the airways through a nasal mask to prevent the tissues from blockage which then prevents snoring. Sounds cool right? But if wearing a mask all night bothers you because you feel embarrassed about all the equipment you have to wear, then this may be a problem.

Also, the user may experience dryness, nasal congestion, or a runny nose. Other than that, a CPAP machine is expensive and could cost more than a thousand dollars.

Mouthguards or Mandibular Advancement Device

Dentists that specialize in oral sleep medicine found that forcing the lower jaw forward increases the air cavity at the back of the throat which, as a result, a very effective preventive device for snoring. Thus, the invention of the snoring guard.

This device is also suitable for people with sleep apnea who can’t afford or tolerate the CPAP machine. The best snore guard is the one with mandibular adjustment and personalized impression to avoid tooth movement, which is better than “boil and bite” models that, although cheaper, are less effective.

Lifestyle Modifications

Let’s face it, only a few of us exercise regularly, and most of us have an excuse for not exercising. Be it having “no time” for working out because of a tight working schedule, or you’re just not a very active person. Whatever the case, humans aren’t built for just sitting on a chair for a day because our muscles need to be used to function effectively.

But what’s it got to do with sleeping? Research shows that exercise improves sleeping patterns, which, in return, lifts mood and reduce stress. (Read more) And if you snore because you’re overweight, you need to get up and stick to an effective diet and exercise plan.

Avoid muscle relaxants and sleeping pills. Don’t sleep right after drinking alcohol. And QUIT smoking.